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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 28, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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supporting witnesses. i think it comes down to the question or whether or not the jury says he was trying to hide this from a much smarter wife, elizabeth. this has nothing to do with campaign finance. this is an untested theory. i think the prosecution at this point is going to have problems. >> and you can catch our legal guys every saturday at noon eastern. >> you're in the cnn newsroom on this saturday, april 28th. i'm in for fredricka whitfield. a tense standoff is over in washington state. the suspect who held police at bay for two days found dead inside the bunker where he was held up. he was wanted in the murders of his wife and teenage daughter. police said they discovered his body in a pool of blood with a gun nearby. >> the secret service has new code of conduct coming in the wake of the prostitution
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scandal. people in other country have to act like they're still in the united states. also, they're forbidden from having anyone else in their room. they'll have a list of places they have to stay away from, and they're not allowed to drink alcohol within ten hours of duty. >> in the coblombian investigation, they said the agent at the center of the scandal had a pay dispute with an escort that brought the story to life. huntington, we're told, has left the agency. there the chine eens rights activist who was in house arrest was convicted of leading protests against the chinese government. he went missing last weekend. a fellow activist said he's now safe at the u.s. embassy in bay ching. >> a dolphin stuck in shawlo waters in a california beach hasn't budged in more than 24
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hours. it swam through a whole in a gate yesterday into a narrow channel and couldn't find a way out. it stayed there through the night. >> it's known as the 93rd prom, but don't expect to see people with pocket protectors and calculators, the annual white house correspondents dinner is strictly a-list. among the power players from washington and hollywood, jimmy kimmel is hosting tonight. >> obviously, the secret service thing is something i'm going to talk about. but i'm not necessarily going to do 30 jokes about it. but it's -- it's really very cool, actually. >> and tune in to cnn tonight. we'll have live coverage of the dinner bebginning at 9:30 eastern. >> now more on the standoff,
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police found the body of peter keller inside a bunker. he was a suspect in the murders of his wife and teenage daughterer. this is the door to the bunker where he was holed up. i talked to brandy cruz about how this standoff ended. >> a tactical team moved in on the bunker where they believed peter was hiding. they placed explosives on the top of it to try to breach the roof to get a belter look inside. when they did that, deputies spotted a dead body inside. there was a man, a lot of blood around the body, and pistol nearby. we heard confirmation from the sheriff steve strand that indeed the body is that of peter keller who is suspected of murdering his wife and daughter. now he says that keller died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. that's what it appears at this point, but we're waiting for an official confirmation on that from the medical examiner's office shortly. >> we're also learning more
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about what police are going to be doing next. last hour, i talked with saurjant cindy west and asked her about safety concerns for the police as they checked out the fortified bunker. >> our bomb disposal team are trained to do that. it's possible if they can get them up there, they can use robots. they'll use different types of devices and take their time going in each step of the way to make sure that there's nothing there that will harm them. once they make that clear, then again, we'll go in and do a thorough search of the bunk fr. >> one last convention, peter keller apparently was building the bunker for at least eight years. what was the clincher? what made him suddenly, apparently, snap. and suddenly, you know, allegedly kill his wife, his daughter, and then go into hiding inside this bunker? >> you know, that's the million dollar question. it's baffling all of us. this guy has no prior history of arrest. no prior history at his residence for any type of
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domestic violence or abuse. he showed up to work every day and time, worked the same job for about 11 years. we're baffled at this point. normally in these cases, people after the fact say we should have seeb the comish. there's no indication of this coming. >> again, the headtop line on this, an armed standoff in seattle is over. the suspect in a double homicide is found dead inside. >> two suspects for uma violent robbery this week, this is new video of the robbery. they demanded the clerk open the cash register and shot him at close range in the arm and then they fired a couple shots at customers in the store before leaving. none of the customers was hurt. the pair may be responsible for a string of recent robberies. >> defense secretary leon panetta said there's no question the u.s. is safer with osama bin laden dead, but he insists
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there's no silver bullet to completely eliminate al qaeda's threat. he was killed by navy s.e.a.l.s almost one year ago today. he wasn't with the president and other officials who wamped it play out in the white house. he was at the cia operation center and he said there were several nerve-racking moments before he got word it was a success. >> they said they had kia, confirmed that it happened. so that was the moment when we knew that all of the work that had been done was paying off. i think the one thing all of us feel good about that were involved in the operation is that as a result of what we did, america is safer. >> republican senator john mccain is blasting president obama for a new election ad that questions whether mitt romney would have ordered the raid on
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bin laden's compound. in a written statement, mccain said obama should be ashamed of himself for killing bin laden's killing into a cheap political campaign ad. >> she's been living in a mental hospital since she drowned her five children, but now andrea yates is asking to leave once a week. where she wants to go, coming up. plus, some of the most dramatic testimony yet in the john edwards trial. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here. all goes here. the one. the accord. smarter thinking from honda.
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uh, trouble with a car insurance claim. ah, claim trouble. [ dennis ] you should just switch to allstate, and get their new claim satisfaction guarantee. hey, he's right man. [ dennis ] only allstate puts their money where their mouth is. yup. [ dennis ] claim service so good, it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. a texas mom who drowned her five children is asking for some of her freedom back. andrea yates has been locked up in a texas mental hospital for the last five years but now she's querequesting to attend church outside of the facility. her doctors say she should beave to live the hospital. a judge will make the final decision. >> dramatic testimony in the
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john edwards corruption trial. edwards' former campaign aide, andrew young, is considered the prosecution's star wince. he testified yesterday he was so intimidated by witnesses he was, quote, scared for his life. he's accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to cover up an ifair. >> a florida judge is considering what to do about $200,000 in donations collected by george zimmerman. zimmerman is facing a second degree murder charge for the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. prosecutors have asked the judge to raise the amount of zimmerman's bond because of the donations made to his website. the bond was originally set at $150,000. zimmerman paid $15,000 in cash to get out this week. $5,000 of that came from the website donations. >> it was some of the worst rioting in u.s. history. rodney king talks about making peace 20 years after the riots.
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tomorrow, for dr. sanjay gupta talking us behind the scenes of radio's most innovative shows. you'll meet the people behind radio lab, a show with a cult like following. >> my name is jad. i produce a show called radio lab. >> you're listening to radio lab. >> radio lab is a kind of crazy, slightly psychodelic adventure through a big idea. >> it's a big problem that makes us curious. >> radio lab is reinventing what we can do on the radio. >> they're kind of like these big one-word titles. the things everybody has been thinking about back to aristotle that has no answer, what is time, what is space, what is consciousness. how do i know i'm conscious? >> tune in tomorrow to watch the next list or set your dvr like i do all the time for 2:00 p.m. eastern. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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and never let the rules overrule common sense. this is how we tame the unwieldiness of air travel, until it's not just lines you see... it's the world. say the name rodney king and most people know who you're talking about. tomorrow, marched the 20th anniversary of some of the worst rioting in u.s. history. those are most often referred to as the rodney king riots. we talk to the man whose beating set it off. >> i really thought i was about to die in there. >> theodore puseeno not guilty of the crime of officer unnecessarily beating or
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assaulting any person. >> today, the system failed us. >> not guilty. >> a damn shame. >> coon, not guilty. >> police force is not here to protect you but it's there to protect them. >> lawrence m. powell, not guilty. >> i can't believe it. what is this city coming to? >> much of the city of angels came to resemble hell with structure fires, rampant looting, mob violence, heavily arms korean merchants and thesomeble of the african-american community's rage at police headquarters. >> that's one of the proudest moments of my life. i was standing in front of a burning kiosk at the police department. the kiosk turned over and i decided to jump on top of it. there, history was made. >> what was going through my mind at the time was pain and hurt and basically the willingness to die that night for the cause. >> more than 50 people did die during the riots.
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estimated property damage, a billion dollars. >> it was set on fire. >> this woman was 9 years old and lived just blocks from the epicenter, florence and normandy. >> it looked like a war zone. they were stopping cars and it looked like they were going into what was then a store and looting, and stealing things. i just remember being really scared and wondering if that was coming towards us. >> lapd commander andrew smith was a street cop back then. >> it was clear we weren't taking control of the city, and i think that message got out to everybody. they saw what was happening in the small pockets and decided, it's a free for all in los angeles. >> the lapd embraced their reputation for aggressively fighting drugs and gangs. in the 20 years since, the los angeles police department has gone through many changes. the most visible, the brand new headquarters building downtown. the most significant, serious
1:17 pm
reform for the lapd's culture. >> we can't do it alone. it's not the lapd as an occupying army going into a neighborhood and showing people how to do it and taking care of business and being the aggressive folks out there. we need to recognize we have to work with people to solve the problems. >> more than 10,000 national guard troops and pleas from community leaders finally ended the riots after six days. at least a billion dollars was spent to rebuild l.a. two of the four police officers on the beating tape were convicted of federal civil rights charges. rodney king won a $3.8 million settlement. >> i learned to forgive. so i can be able to move on. >> the city also has moved on. the painful memories remain for those who were there. casey wian, cnn, los angeles. >> next, the funniest guy you'll never hear. a stand-up comedian in britain whose disability took his voice
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a stand-up comedian in britain needs help speaking and sometimes he needs help walking, where he does just fine is making clouds laugh, with a sharp wit that his disability can't keep down. >> simply walking down the street is a challenge for lee ridley. he's lived with cerebral palsy since birth and is unable to speak. he uses a voice synthesizer to speak, but he's learned to laugh in the face of adversery, and he's making other people chuckle along with him. he's takien to stand-up comedy and performing as lost voice guy. this is his first paid booking and he's playing to a booked house. >> i haven't felt this important since the doctors said i was going to be a special child.
1:21 pm
>> when i realized i would never be able to talk again, i was speechless. people have often asked me why i wanted to put myself in a position where everyone can stare and laugh at me. the truth is that it's happening to me every day anyway, at least this way, there's a scheduled place and time for it. >> lee's off to a great start. the audience is loving his material. but at a vital moment, he's let down by the technology that provides a voice for his thoughts. a little improviced comedy sets him back on track. >> sorries ladies and gentlemen, my ipod has just crashed. where the [ bleep ] is steve jobs when you need him. i'm not related to stephen hawking in any way. however, i do hate the way people take [ bleep ] with the way he speaks. i could really synthesize with
1:22 pm
him. i hope you enjoy the rest of your night. good-bye. >> next day, lee stops by the cnn office to discuss last night's success. >> the act that you do and some of the other performances you salast night creates a dilemma for audiences because it would be offenses for people to laugh at somebody's disblable, you're giving permission to laugh along with you at your own disability. >> i've always believed that any subject can be joked about if handled correctly. i think i can get away with more because it's essentially about me. i would like to thank the audience go away with a more positive view on disability. >> lee's friend and fellow comedian persuaded him to try
1:23 pm
his hand at stand-up. now he's helping him manage the flood of bookings he's starting to receive. lost voice guy is fast becoming the talk of the town. >> a kansas burglar ambushed by an 8-year-old. how the little boy fought back, coming up. [ male announcer ] nature valley sweet & salty nut bars.
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zeneca may be able to help. it's the fist weekend of the new orleans jazz and heritage festival. great food, hot weather, and one of the biggest gatherings of music royalty anywhere. fredricka caught up with david red hines. ♪ >> what's your favorite moment or experience that comes with jazz fest here? performing here, outside, in the heat? >> the activities, the festivities, knowing the different types of people from different walks of life and social backgrounds coming together. especially when it comes to our section of the music where it's racial harmony and integration happening.
1:27 pm
>> it's been very committed to the world. to humanity. your commitment to haiti is extraordinary. tell me about that and how meaningful that is to you? >> it's very meaningful. i mean, we actually experience the earthquake while recording in jamaica. haiti is only a mere 300 miles away from jamaica. in activities in haiti right now, providing solar panels for hospitals in clinics and what have you. we thought it was a good idea to take the song we recorded and turn it into something instrumental that could be used at digital downloads to create funding of the solar panels. >> that's hold on for haiti. >> that's right. ♪ >> we always associate ourselves
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with being the voice for the voiceless, the ones that try to let everybody be aware socially and politically of what's going on in their environment. that's what we have been focusing on since we started out. >> david hines, thank you so much. >> thank you so much, fredricka. >> and fredricka has more from the jazz fest on sunday. she's talking to the soul queen of los angeles, and chuck lavelle who toured with the reror rolling stones. >> the stand off near seattle is over. the suspect who held police at bay for two days found dead inside the bunker where he was holed up. peter keller was wanted in the murders of his wife and daughter. he was discovered in a bopool o blood. >> a chinese activist is under american protection. he was convicted several years ago of leading protests against
1:29 pm
the chinese government. he went missing last weekend. a fellow act vivist said he's n safe at the u.s. embassy in beijing. no comment. >> it was almost one year ago that a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. team killed osama bin laden after storming his compound in pakistan. u.s. officials say the al qaeda network has largely been dismantled but threats remain from affiliated terror groups. and finally, a happier story. in kansas, an 8-year-old boy helped stop a burglary. he waw playing video games when a stranger came into his house and grabbed his mom's purse. >> when i seen hiss face, i was like, that's not anybody i have ever seen before. he came in, yanked on it, i yanked back, and he yanked harder. and he ran out the door. >> and then his dad chased after the suspect, the man